the TEAM is led by a group of volunteers, excited about sharing unity and positivity for climate action through the climate sign. The climate sign initiative is a grassroots civil society effort. It is about, and for, people: people like you and me, who want to come together for climate action. The climate sign is in the public domain to be used freely by anyone, anywhere. It is not associated with any single person or group. It is for us all. 

Interested in contributing your talents to this volunteer effort? Contact us

Hadley Greswold, Executive Director

Sonia Guggenheim, Director of Media

Katrina Kudlick, Producer of Media

Yessica Avila, Social Media Manager

Mel Segundo, Social Media Consultant

Austin Park, UC Los Angeles Climate Sign Representative

Ajitesh Srivastava, Campaign Consultant

Jeff Newman, Creative Consultant

Faramarz Nabavi, Creative Consultant

Justin Loza, Development Coordinator

Zhihao Wu, Development Coordinator

Chris Flynn, Graphic Designer

Whitney Greswold, Organizational Outreach Coordinator

Damian Villa, Organizational Outreach Coordinator

Matt Moreno, Social Media Consultant

Chuy Le, Graphic Designer

Kristen Siefert, Social Media Consultant

Lindsay Santiago, Graphic Designer

Jeremy Pangilinan, Photographer

Cody Lee, UC Irvine Climate Sign Ambassador