climate mitigation

Animal Legal Defense Fund Raises the Climate Sign for Animals

The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) declares, "People everywhere are raising the climate sign to share unity and positivity for climate action. As animal agriculture hurts farm animals and destroys habitats of wild species, protecting our environment means protecting animals. Join ALDF and the Center for Biological Diversity in their commitment to climate action by sharing this post!"

Read ALDF's full blog about the climate sign here, and share it with an animal lover you know! 

The Solutions Project Says "Yes we can!" Create 100% Clean Energy Future

The Solutions Project ( works toward building a stronger economy, healthier families and a more secure future, all with 100% clean energy. Check out the cool interactive map they created in order to envision a USA with 100% clean energy! With collective action, it's a very achievable goal! #‎climatesign #‎renewableenergy #‎USA #‎cleanenergy