Bill McKibben, Co-founder of, Flashes the Climate Sign

Thank you Bill McKibben for raising the climate sign to unite for climate action! Bill McKibben is the co-founder of and a leader in today’s climate movement. Mr. McKibben raises the climate sign alongside thousands of people worldwide to send a powerful message to world leaders at the UN climate conference (UNFCCC) this December: Climate change is a global issue, and together we can find global solutions.

Join the movement today by sharing your climate sign selfie with the hashtag ‪#‎ClimateSign‬!

Indigenous Ecuadorians Partner with Amazon Watch to Stop Oil Extraction

The U'wa people of the Amazon assert that there has been a "profound shift in the interconnectedness of our ecosystem necessary for sustaining life on earth." Amazon Watch has partnered with indigenous peoples of the Ecuadorian Amazon to call on world leaders during COP21 to keep Amazonian oil in the ground. What will the rest of us do to support the actions of indigenous people for the benefit of all of humanity? #‎Amazon #‎climatesign #‎COP21 #‎worktogether