Gretchen Bleiler, Olympic Snowboarder, Raises Climate Sign!

Thank you Gretchen Bleiler for raising the #climatesign along with Green Sports Alliance Co-founder and President Allen Hershkowitz at the UN Climate Conference (COP21) in Paris. Gretchen is an Olympic snowboarder with four X Games gold medals and a women's halfpipe silver metal to her name. As a snowboarder traveling around the globe "chasing snow year-round," Gretchen began to see the effects of climate change first hand. Moved by witnessing these changes, Gretchen says, "I’ve made the choice to create awareness and influence change however I can in my everyday life." Thank you, Gretchen, for advocating for climate action and raising the #climatesign to connect with people around the globe who also care about this pressing issue of our time! 

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