ACE engages young people to take action on climate issues.

The drought in California has been the hottest and driest four year period on record; in fact, it’s the driest it's been in 500 years, according to a NASA study.  For Jonathan Rincon, a sophomore at UC Santa Barbara, the drought is personal. His family lives and works in Watsonville, CA, a primarily agricultural community. His mother and father, aunts and uncles, and parents before them, depended on the agriculture industry for a living. Jonathan says, “California is the state that pretty much feeds the whole nation...everything we eat starts in a farm and we need water in order to grow the crops.” Without the seasonal rains, California will become a desert. In fact, farmers have already sacrificed crops because of their water usage. As crops fail in California, Jonathan’s family could be some of the first people affected by climate change but ultimately, all of us will be impacted. Luckily, Jonathan, and other students like him are raising awareness about climate change though the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE), an organization which engages and educates young people to take action against climate change. To hear more of Jonathan’s story and for more information about ACE please visit