NRDC Staff Raise the Climate Sign In Celebration!

NRDC staff raised the #climatesign in celebration of the #COP21 climate agreements in Paris! Climate leaders including Alvin Lin, Barbara Finamore, Han Chen, Brendan Guy, Jamie Consuegra, David Doniger, Jake Thompson and Jake Schmidt rejoice in unison, excited to continue on the journey towards a green future.

Alvin Lin is NRDC’s China Climate and Energy Policy Director, and has been working to help China expand its energy efficiency and renewable resources. Barbara Finamore is a Senior Attorney and Asia Director for NRDC, and currently leads NRDC’s green ports project to reduce air pollution in southern China caused by marine port-related activities. Han Chen works on the Climate and Clean Air Program at NRDC, and partakes in international climate negotiations. Brendan Guy serves as a Global Fellow with NRDC’s International Program, and focuses on encouraging implementation of environmental commitments locally and globally. Jamie Consuegra works as a Legislative Advocate with the NRDC Action Fund, while David Doniger, Director and Senior Attorney for NRDC’s Climate and Clean Air Program, has been working on clean air issues since 1978. With 20 years of expertise in journalism, Jake Thompson contributes as Senior Press Secretary at NRDC. Jake Schmidt, Director of NRDC’s International Program, works on a myriad of issues including climate change, clean energy, biogems, and sustainable development. Thank you, NRDC leaders, for your ongoing environmental work, and for collaborating with people around the globe to protect our shared planet. We raise the climate sign in unity with you!