Dane County, Wisconsin and the Tar Sands Team of Madison 350; the last line of defense against a second Keystone XL

Line 61, a pipeline operated by Enbridge, currently moves 400,000 barrels of tar sands a day from Northern Wisconsin to refineries near Chicago and the Gulf Coast. Enbridge is hoping to expand capacity to three times that amount, despite a recent catastrophic spill on an existing line. The last line of defense against this expansion is Dane County where the Zoning and Land Regulation committee has worked with the Tar Sands Team of Madison 350 to require Enbridge to adopt more expensive liability insurance, thus delaying the expansion of the pipeline.  As a result, an estimated 109.5 million barrels of tar sands oil have not been exported – an equivalent of taking over 2.5 million cars off the road! Despite the long-term outcome of this case, what is important is that the precedent has been set – local county governments, united with citizen groups, should fight against the harmful presence of tar sands. Thanks 350 and Dane County!