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Richard Inyamkume

Richard Inyamkume


My name is Mr. Richard Inyamkume from Benue State of Nigeria. A graduate of Philosophy from the prestigious Pontifical Urbaniana University, Rome.

I picked interest in environmental matters since my secondary school days and performed exceedingly well in Geography. After graduation, I have been working with Veritas University Abuja (Nigeria's Catholic University). I joined a small nongovernmental organization Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Initiative (CCMAI) working in Nigeria to increase awareness about the impact of global warming and how to mitigate it's impact. I have held series of campaigns on climate change in schools, churches, universities and communities in Nigeria. 

Climate change impact on Communities is quite huge but a large number of the population in Nigeria may be unaware. We need to team up with viable solutions that will halt the fire that is already burning up our entire globe. If we fail to act now, I am sure that food and water supplies may be badly affected and this may result to Species extinction. We don't need to wait for someone else to tell our sad stories. We need to act now and act very fast to save our generation and generations to come from the scourge of hunger and starvation.  I am a climate advocate and I'm calling on all youth, children, men and women to join me in raising the climate sign. 

Climate Story Highlight: Neeshad

I'm Neeshad, born and bought up in the southern state of India. Over the years in my stay here I have seen the severity and absurd climate variation in and around my state and as well as whole of the country. India as all know is treasure country to explore its beauty and cultural diversity, but changing climate has already shown signs through out the country.

With over 1.2 billion people, India is deemed one of the nations most vulnerable to climate change impacts. According to the new report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), India's agricultural sector would be worst hit and moreover the rainfall variation will also hit the economy of the country. The recent cyclone in the northern states have also been of more concern, not only effected the infrastructure but also caused to increase mortality related to change in climate across the country.



With erratic and extreme monsoon, the report states that by 2030 India would face an agricultural loss of over US $7 billion, affecting income of 10 per cent of the people. But if climate resilience measures in the form adaptive strategies are implemented, 80 per cent of the losses could be averted, which shows that there still hope that we can curb this ill aftermath of climate change if we act soon. Incessant floods, triggered by monsoon, in the north-eastern states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, caused most of the displacement in the north of the country. Northern India was caught unawares when monsoons hit the region earlier than usual. Events that unfolded over the past three days a year back are proof of what extreme weather can cause and India is not left apart.



So the situation is same across every state in India, moreover none will be spared from the gruesome effects of climate change and poor will hit the hardest. Even though the effects are seen troublesome but remedies are to available if we act sensibly. There is hope even though despair everywhere, what we need is act together, every citizen should take the moral responsibility to fight climate change together with government and other NGO's.

Lets fight and bring a new Climate spring that will change the mindset of governments and other major cooperate power houses to divest from fossil and move towards more sustainable future.

I'm doing my bit with every possible way like using social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. where a large number of young minds are active across the globe. The young minds like mine and others around the world should stand up, and I'm sure in near future we will make Earth a heaven to live on once again.

Climate Story Highlight: Gideon

My name is Gideon Oluwaseun, born and bred in the South Western region of Nigeria. Having graduated with a Degree in Biochemistry, many people wondered why I turned out as a Climate Action Advocate, but I kept reflecting on the different detrimental effects of changes in climatic conditions that i noticed which sprang me into actions.

These adverse climatic conditions has produced negative impacts on the welfare of millions of people in my country. Persistent droughts and flooding, off season rains and dry spells have sent growing seasons out of orbit, on a country dependent on a rain fed agriculture. I grew up in a locality where we wash ourselves periodically under rainfall but overtime, Alarm bells sounded the drought trend, drying up of lakes and reduction in river flow in the arid and semi arid region resulting in fewer water supplies for use in agriculture, hydro-power generation and other users which affected the yield and productivity of agricultural produce.

On the other hand, Nigeria's predominant source of energy is non-renewable and this represents one of the major concern about Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation. Evidence is shown in overdependence on petrol in fuelling cars and generators, Liquefied Natural Gas in cooking and powering plants even though, adoption of solar power generation for powering street lights and boreholes has started gaining momentum to a greater advantage.

The implementation of Policies to curb climate change by reducing the consumption of fossil fuels such as oil, gas or carbon has experienced counteractions due to its significant economical impacts on the producers(the government) or rather the suppliers of these fuels. Nigeria is the eighth largest oil supplier in the world and the ninth largest deposits of gas,our economy is sensitive to this as it would be massively affected by a sustainable reduction in fossil energy consumption. Nevertheless, its time for a legally binding agreement on Climate Change and the revolution should and would include Nigeria.

My Passion for Climate Action can be built around the fact that an average Nigerian do not indepthly understand Climate Change despite its existing impacts on our day-to-day activities and how we have being contributing via different processes such as deforestation, environmental pollution and wasteful utilization of renewable resources. Raising awareness on the issues surrounding climate change can make a significant difference particularly household and communal measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which is essential to slowing the rate of climate change. With this, i saw the dire need to inform and sensitize Nigerians, particularly youth and women who are most vulnerable.

We are all responsive and responsible for the changes in climatic conditions. Active collaborations and actions at the grassroots will definitely be a key in fighting this menace. It is our various individual actions that will safe our planet and make the environment more sustainable. Personally, i have been taking steps to advocate for Actions against Climate Change through Sensitization Workshops and strategic online campaigns via my social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I join the Care About Climate Movement in The United States as a Volunteer to help actualize their organizational aspirations through Educational Presentations on Climate Change in Nigeria. I have the Understanding that if humans will survive on Planet Earth, Sustainability must be achieved and it starts with our Victory over Climate Change.

I want to further be part of the global network working hard to ensure that victory and this remains one of the reasons why I will be attending the International Youth Conference on Climate Change in France to play an active role in the global dialogue that seek to find workable solutions to halt Climate Change.

My zeal for Environmental causes such as Waste Management, Renewable/Clean Energy and Recycling has influenced my future career and as such, i will be pursuing a Masters Degree in Environmental Sustainability (Climate Change and International Development) at the University of East Anglia, UK in the next two years.

Young Film Team Unites People in Face of Drought

As California moves into its fifth year of drought, a young film team is determined to bring people together around mitigating its impact. The recently released documentary short As the River Goes captures the drought's effects on the East Porterville community in Southern California, and their hope that the situation will improve. 

The film team and people of East Porterville demonstrate humanity's ability to unite in the face of tough shared challenges. Please like and share this moving film, and spread the message that we can work together to address the impacts of drought and climate change!


We had the opportunity to connect with recent USC graduate and Director of As the River Goes, Katherine Espejo, in the personal interview below:

What prompted you to make this documentary?

We felt it necessary to make this documentary because of the hopelessness of the situation in East Porterville.  These people are at the mercy of the drought and rely completely on the relief that has been provided by government entities. Even though many efforts have been made by the government, non-profit organizations, and other community members, none of these measures are enough to help this community return to its normal way of life.  On top of that, several people that I met in Los Angeles were not aware of the drought and even those that knew of it did not realize how severely other communities were affected by the lack of water.  We want this documentary to reach those that don't think twice about wasting water and those that perhaps weren't even aware they were.  We want every person that watches this to be more mindful of their personal water usage and maybe even influence those around them to conserve water when they can.

How do you see drought connecting to climate change?

There is no denying that we have taken advantage of the Earth.  Our climate is changing in a way that no one had anticipated, and it is changing for the worse.  Our global temperature is rising, although I am not an expert, I feel as if this is one of the contributing factors to the prolonged drought in California. As our planet grows warmer, weather events, the likes of which we have never seen before have been occurring constantly. To deny that the drought and climate change are related is a bit short sighted I believe.  As a society, we need to look at the adverse affects that we have had on our planet.  Whether it be contributing harmful pollutants into the air, or dumping waste into the oceans, or even over-consuming water, whenever we take advantage of the Earth's resources, we are contributing to a potential number of future global disasters.

What do you want the viewer’s response to be after seeing your film? 

I hope that those that watch the film realize that what is occurring in East Porterville can occur anywhere in the country.  The people of this community have seen their way of life change drastically because of their loss of this simple resource.  Every day for them is a struggle. Activities that we take for granted every day have become luxuries in this community.  I hope that those that view the film see that if we continue to deplete our planet's resources and contribute to the changing climate, a disaster such as this can develop in their community as well.

Were there any partners involved that you would like to mention?

We received a great deal of help from Donna Johnson and Elva Beltran, the two women that have arguably contributed the most to the relief efforts in Porterville.  They introduced us to several residents affected by the drought and allowed us to take part in their relief efforts.  Also, Rick Elkins of the local newspaper, The Porterville Recorder, who kept us updated on the situation in the town. And, finally, we would not have been able to make this film without our mentor at USC, Tom Miller.  He was the greatest advocate for us throughout the entire process and inspired us every day.

Renown Oceans Advocate Sylvia Earle Raises Climate Sign!

Our thanks go out to Sylvia Earle for her lifelong advocacy for healthy oceans. The ocean serves as a huge carbon sink which is now endangered by acidification resulting from excessive CO2 in the atmosphere. Thank you Ms. Earle for your leadership in building awareness of the critical importance of the ocean in maintaining the health of planetary systems. Ms. Earle is joined by filmmakers Sonia Guggenhiem and Katrina Kudlick.

Dr. Ajay Mathur Raises the Climate Sign!

Thank you Ajay Mathur for your ongoing leadership on climate! Dr. Mathur has been involved with Suzlon Energy, World Bank's Climate Change Team (Washington, DC) and the Energy Engineering Division of TERI (New Delhi). Currently, he is a member of the Prime Minister's Council on Climate Change and the Director General of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency working towards developing policies and strategies to reduce energy intensity of the Indian economy.

Paul Hanle Raises the Climate Sign!

Thank you, Paul Hanle for raising the climate sign and inspiring unity for climate action! Paul Hanle is the President and CEO of Climate Central, an organization specializing in climate science communications. Last month, Climate Central hosted a climate event at the Maison des Océans in Paris, where students played a musical piece based on sea-level rise data. This composition was paired with images modeling predicted sea level rise, thus engaging the audience through both art and science. A similar musical piece representing the data of global temperature changes has also engaged young musicians who are concerned about their warming planet:


Thank you, Paul, for raising the climate sign and providing crucial information to the public! 

DLR Group's Kansas City Staff Raise the Climate Sign!

Thank you, DLR Group, for raising the climate sign together from your Kansas City office! DLR Group is an architecture firm with a strong commitment to green design. These architects are showing their united support for climate initiatives, and dedication to climate action in 2016! 

Senior Principal at DLR Group, Steven McKay, says, "It's been fantastic to see our staff take up the call of sustainable design...and pushing peers to some great achievements on projects." Thank you DLR Group for your work! 

Ken Berlin Raises the Climate Sign!

Ken Berlin raises the #climatesign to show his dedication to climate action! Mr. Berlin is the current president and CEO of the Climate Reality Project, and has been a part of the climate movement for years. Mr. Berlin's background in environmental law and litigation has given him the foundation to become a truly influential climate leader. Thank you, Mr. Berlin, for raising the climate sign!